Here I’ll update my views on various matters. I hope you’ll add comments or direct me to links which will allow me to

a.) understand your views on the matter(s);

b.) help me better understand my own views on the matter(s);

c.) as a result of my views, your views, and other’s views, arrive at a deeper understanding of the issues we deem important enough to spend our time commenting about, and through this deeper understanding, in some small way, and hopefully in some not insignificant way, make society better.

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  1. Mourning His Member says:

    My partner chose to get circumcised while on a recent trip back to his home country. An old family doctor advised as a way to stem infections that he is somewhat vulnerable to. The doctor also implied that it may improve our sex life, but having read up on this subject whatever “issues” we were having would only be exacerbated by this procedure. The things that are improved are things he never had issues with, e.g premature ejaculation.
    In any case, he called me out of the blue one day and said he was thinking about doing this and next thing you know it was done. I supported him but had NO understanding of the significance of the foreskin and had done NO research AT ALL. Neither had he I would imagine. From what we are seeing in comparison to what I have now read, it seems we have gotten a typically tragic outcome and will likely live to regret this decision very much.

    Having said that, what’s done is done. I am overwhelmingly disappointed in the lack of material on the web about ways in which we, a couple, can increase his pleasure in lieu of this mistake. I mean, when you hear about people recovering from spine injuries, amputations, and other injuries that affect the functionality of the male libido there is always this hopefully, positive slant about the wonders of the human body and how loss of sensations in some areas can increase sensitivity in others to compensate and we can use this to our advantage. How come there is none of that sort of positive, proactive thinking when it comes to adult male circumcision?

    I was excited to read a blog of someone speaking from a long term point of view; not someone who just had it done. Though I am now internalizing and accepting that this was clearly a mistake and he should never have been advised to do this for what were extremely minor complaints (and he should never have done this without greater research); I want to believe that once it has happened there can be ways to prevent this from being such a major tragic event that will change our lives forever. Instead your account and some others I’ve read depict you as men permanently cursed with the burden of a mutilated cock. It’s a very…Hunchback of Notre Dame/ Beauty and the Beast dismal self-portrayal. Let me amend that by saying it is also a wonderfully courageous and informative blog and I am very grateful to you for writing it. But in the end, I am terrified that my man will develop that same outlook and that seems far more depressing than the already depressing idea of have a numb penis. I want to know what we can DO to HELP the situation not all the reasons we SHOULDN’T have done it and how horrible our lives will continue to be from now on. I hope you can understand my position. Please tell me you have found tools and information (besides those radical restoration surgery websites) that offer a more holistic way to address this.

    Sorry for the rant-sex with my partner was exponentially better than any sex I’d ever had before and surprisingly enough I had not realized he was uncircumcised and it was my only experience with an uncircumcised penis. Now I am learning of this connection late as I try to understand the fact that it is already gone, gone, gone.

    What’s a girl to do??

    Mourning His Member

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