A quick update in 2017 (9 years on)

An update for 2017: well time really flies! 2008 seems so long ago now.

Given so many comments indicating upset, I thought I might add a second post and try and hare some positive chin up support. I am also surprised at the growth in page visits, now averaging over 100 visitors a day. This issue sure is of interest to the general public.

So I really feel for those who’ve had bad experiences or still in shock of the loss of their foreskin. I’ve been there and was initially quite angry.  So 9 years on, this is what I can tell you:

Surgeons should still give thorough warnings of the risks of loss of penile sensitivity in some males (I certainly had a big loss in sensitivity).

Recovery until pain stopped or I stopped getting soreness when erect (predominantly around the scaring lines) was approximately two years.  So if you are still within the two year post op mark and experiencing various pains, particularly during intercourse, stay cool, that’s normal in my experience. Try and use the penis less and let it recover. Also, it will be sore as the scar tissue has to stretch and become flexible. Try using various sorbolene creams or paw paw cream or anything that your local chemist/doctor says will make scars more supple and flexible.

In terms of sexual enjoyment, I learned to focus on other things besides the great sensitive physical feelings of my penile gland. I focused more on personality, having fun, changing positions and the emotional side of sex. The body has lots of aspects and one needs to be more creative. Enjoy kissing more, holding hands, play wresting, having fun etc.

While I still advise against circs absent a medical problem which can’t be fixed in other ways – i.e. creams, better personal hygiene (PH) routines etc- then for some people, I think it could be a (reasonable or sensible) option. My brother still swears by the op and reckons sex is just as good. He has since had his teenage son circ’d due to recurring infection.

I think infection comes down to hygeine but if the child is lazy, can’t discipline themselves for general care and PH of the foreskin or for whatever reason keeps getting an recurring infection then possibly a circ makes sense.

There tends to be too quick a rush for circs in my own personal experience. Even my wife, who knows my feelings on the matter, will often say, when our son is complaining of a sore penis, that we should have got him or even still get him circ’d. I opinion to her that it is natural for growing male penis’s to get sore from time to time, just as I’m sure that it’s normal for growing female vagina to get sore from time to time. That’s part and parcel of being bio-organic creatures which start out as babies and grow to several multiples of birth length in size. That is a fact as clear as day! So how can all that growth not result in some pain? There’s no need to go slicing and dicing off important bits for a little pain or even infection every once in a while.

As expected by a healing body, with very little involvement, my young son,  stops complaining in a day or two. There’s been perhaps three of four occasions in his life that he complains about penis soreness. Each time the soreness has gone away in a day or two without any creams or ointments.  I’m pretty sure I recall way back as having the same thing growing up – the odd bit of entirely normal penis soreness. I suggest a parent simply monitor the situation, regularly check in with the child to ensure pain is not out of control, inspect the penis to ensure no discharge or serious infection, ensure he washes and rinses the area with soap and lots of running water, take him to a doctor if it looks serious or if pain does not go away in a day, and otherwise leave the body to do what it does well – grow, heal and defeat infections should they come along. Again, that’s what I do as a parent in a Western society with plenty of clean running water, anti-bacterial soaps, antiseptics and PH anointment’s readily available. Such advice may well not be appropriate for those without such ready access to personal hygiene products or clean bathing water.

To those suffering from a sense of loss or regret on their decision, keep in mind that absent a total surgical disaster, I believe you can recover to a working and enjoyable sex life, or at least I did. Moreover, whilst prior to my circ, I indeed had wonderful feelings and sensitivity in my gland, I nevertheless also had a thick heavy foreskin. My wife didn’t like the look of it. This contrasts to a friend who told me his partner liked the foreskin, enjoyed the feel of it in her mouth, liked playing with it etc.

Holding female opinions on natural biology aesthetics aside (although visually pleasing her may well be a consideration for some or even many), I can report (pre-op) that whilst I could maintain an erection for say 15 minutes, after that I’d often struggle to stay erect. If I didn’t ejaculate within the 15 minutes, often it meant either a mood spoiling break or simply no orgasm at all. The silver lining is, post the op and post recovery, say from the two year mark, while sensitivity did decrease, I did notice that it was easier to maintain an strong erection. I’d even say the erections were more firm.

What could be the reason for this? Well, your guess is as good as mine! But I suspect, and again a non-medical opinion, is that with less foreskin for the blood to circulate around, my penis was able to maintain a natural pump for much longer. Or possibly the natural penile pumping (or flow holding) device was under less stress given there was less blood volume to have to maintain. As  such, I’d say I could stay erect harder for a good 45 to 60 minutes post op. It was like a free Viagra pill each sex session. My wife also preferred the look of the penis and said it felt better – harder, less squishy or slippery. She preferred the greater friction of the fore-skinless penis. The negative is anything longer than about 15 minutes of sex and my wife would be over it. She’s not into long sessions. So I am still  put under pressure to deliver in under the 15, and ideally 10. Being less sensitive, it was harder to achieve a quick orgasm (but not impossible).

Whether this will suit your sex life circumstance is something only the you can guess at or answer.

And this is very touch and go: in my research I never came across anybody (as a post-op adult) reporting that erections were harder or could be maintained for longer (should they even be desired by the partner). You may wish to search well if you think this is a bonus and to ensure it is a likely positive outcome.

I’d still prefer (or ask my partner put up with) my squishy foreskin, a great feeling in the gland, and the minor Viagra expense should the request come in to go a long session.

So there you have it, to those of you in the throws of depression or mild despondency, I hope this may lift your spirits, some positives for you to potentially look forward to.

Overall I’m negative of circs. I still reckon leave mother nature alone absent of course strong medical opinion for a specific and individual case. And I still especially think baby boys, at least in Western cultures with access to PH soaps and regular bath/showers, should be left alone (their dignity and body respected). IMO this is and should only be an adult decision of the individual or done for a sound medical reason. I don’t think any parent should arrogantly overrule their children’s future adult opinions on such a personal matter absent a specific medical reason to do so.

In closing, if you have had it done then there is no use crying over spilt milk or lost foreskins. Keep your chin up, enjoy life and make the most of your new penis. If you haven’t had it done, absent medical necessities, I’d leave it alone, and continue to enjoy your natural and more sensitive penis.

Good luck and hoping your experience is good or comes good.

Best, D.

About davidlouis77

I'm married with two children. I live in Australia. Technology field. This blog contains lay non-medical opinion based upon personal observation relayed on honestly. I hope my blog post helps with personal decision making or makes one feel better about past mistakes.
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6 Responses to A quick update in 2017 (9 years on)

  1. Fred says:

    It’s “glans” not “gland”


  2. Evan says:

    In your first post you mentioned trying to get your brother to put his thoughts up. Im now wondering more about his story and that of his son given it sounds like they have had a much more positive experience. I am wondering if any significant differences in the circumstances of their procedures and the post op care made a big impact on their outcomes that perhaps you missed? If they are up for their thoughts they would be great to read. Cheers and thanks for the update.

  3. Peter says:

    I was circumcised as an infant so I do not know what it’s like with a foreskin.

    I am too dumb to attract women, so I will likely spend the rest of my life playing with myself, but that’s another story.

    When I do play with myself, I have to use lubricant. I have to grab hard and stimulate quickly (jackhammering) in order to generate enough pleasure to eventually reach an orgasm. The orgasm is very good but the stimulation feels bland for most of the session. It is only when I am about to reach an orgasm that the pleasure feels better. Afterwards, my penis has soreness from having to do it so hard, and I run the risk of accidentally fracturing it if my hand slips and accidentally pound on my penis.

    it is to my knowledge that if you have your foreskin, you will not have to stimulate so hard and fast, and the the entire process from when you start stimulating up to the orgasm. feels really good. Without the foreskin, you only have the orgasm and the short moment before it, so the total pleasure is far less.

    And for those of you with the skill to attract women, having a handjob or footjob from them would be far more enjoyable if you have pleasure during the whole process than just moments before the orgasm.

    While I am not going to heaven because I have lust and lack of trust in Jesus, He already said that in heaven, people will neither be marry or remain married. Whatever pleasure you will receive from sexual intercourse with your wife will be replaced with what is called “the marriage of the lamb”. Sexual intercourse with spouses is only a picture of Jesus’s marriage to his people. But despite that, I refuse to be happy about it, so I will go to hell for lack of trust.

    “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” (Matthew 22:30)

    Hell is a terrible place. Jesus said that the burning fire and crawling worms are for eternity.

    “Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.” (Mark 9:44)

    If you have been chosen by God for salvation, then you will be saved. If you have been created by God to go to hell, you will go to hell.

  4. rndom8743 says:

    Have you ever thought about trying to regrow your foreskin? The device is pulling the skin and in a few years it regrows(similar to those Africans who extend their neck).

    Thoughts? Or is it worthless because even if you regrow the foreskin, the sensation is already permanently lost?

  5. spazzy says:

    DavidLouis77, thank you for so much for this information. You write extremely well. My question is, would you say that the frenulum is the most pleasurable part of the penis?

  6. K says:

    I hope that I can go back to uncircumcised too. The reason I do circumcision is the same as yours. And after many years of circumcised, it did not get recover at all.

    I still think of the old time where my overall penis can feel the warmth of women’s vagina.

    Damn, I should not meet those religion biased doctors and articles that all suggest circumcision.

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