Adult Circumcision My Experience 2 years on

Adult Circumcision: My experience two years on.

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Age when had the Circ: 37 (Date Nov 2008)

Age Now: 39 (Date: May 2010)


Before sharing my experience, I direct the interested reader to some of the finer anatomical aspects of the penis. The following link provides a good example of this: (anti-circ bias).

For general information and FAQs try: Again, anti circ bias, but credible in my opinion. It presents the view of Australian medical societies.

This site will provides a pro-circ treatment:

I considered a circumcision because during intercourse my foreskin would retract over my gland which  I assumed (incorrectly) was the most sensitive part of my penis.

In fact, the frenulum is widely reported (see citations in wiki) as the most sensitive part of the penis and the foreskin, along with the moist gland (head) of the penis and the foreskin itself all being highly sensitive.

Often surgeons performing circumcisions will remove the frenulum or in my case, replace it with scar tissue, resulting in loss of the highly sensitive tissue. Morover, the gland without the foreskin to protect it, is exposed to the harsh drying and rubbing action of cotton underpants, quickly drying it out, and along with exposure to other elements like hot water of showers, the gland soon develops an additional dermis of skin to protect it from the harshness of the conditions to which it is now exposed. The outright removal of, or replacement of the frenulum with scar tissue, along with the drying out of the gland, and additional growth of dermis, all mean the sensitive nerve endings close to the surface of the gland become buried by a thick dermis of skin, resulting in less sensitivity of the gland. For this reason, Men who are often hyper sensitive and ejaculate prematurely are referred to undergo a circumcision (citation needed), to help reduce the sensitivity of the penis.

In all the Circ debates I had witnessed to date, they focus predominately on health benefits vs human rights of bodily integrity. There has been no debate to my knowledge, or rigorous scientific study, as to the risk that circumcision brings with it a very real and significant loss of sensitivity to the gland, frenulum and overall sensation in the penis. This is something I would find out the hard way.

Reason’s for having a circ.

My reason for having a circ was that I thought without the foreskin in the way, sex would be more pleasurable.

I have a healthy sized penis, it generally worked well, although I did feel the following was an issue: when not 100% erect, which when having sex with my wife of 10 years, I was not always fully hard, it was semi-erect, the foreskin in particular would not retract all the way back. Indeed, even with a fully erect penis, if I pulled my foreskin up, it would nearly cover the gland of my penis, maybe bar 1cm from the tip. I found in sex, even when I would pull the foreskin back, it would not stay back, often it would retract back over the gland of the penis – especially when lubricated by either my partners vaginal fluids or if using synthetic lubricants like ky-jel or similar. I always enjoyed sex immensely; the pleasure was always nice during the sex, not just the orgasm. However, often during sex the foreskin would retract over my gland and I would find myself reaching down pulling back the foreskin, so as to expose my gland fully against my partners vagina which I found the most pleasurable.

I reasoned that, with my foreskin gone, I wouldn’t have to keep reaching down and pulling my foreskin back. My gland would always be exposed to my partner’s vagina and hence, sex would be like the feeling when my foreskin is retracted – much better.

A early sexual partner mentioned in passing that she’d never seen a “non-circumcised” penis and that it looked “funny” which gave me cause to think that maybe it would be better to be circ’ed, but I never got around to it and besides, it was the only female who’d ever made mention of its “look” and even then, I didn’t really know if she meant “funny” to be one of aesthetic disapproval or just that she’d never seen one like that before. No other partner had since complained. I got married when I was 30 and my wife, who I’d met two years earlier, and I enjoyed a reasonably healthy sex life. However, it used to annoy me having to reach down their just about every time we had sex to retract my foreskin fully.

Some people have circumcisions because they have chronic hygiene issues with their foreskin, or complain of frequent urinary tract infections. My brother fell into this category and was his reason for undergoing an adult circumcision.

I cannot report the same complaints; I have never once had a urinary tract infection nor did I experience any problem with foreskin smells.

Prior to circumcision, the only time smell surfaced was when I had run out of my usual cleaning products or got lazy and didn’t wash around my gland by pulling the foreskin back. If I washed it properly which I do using a antiseptic wash (I like Blackmore’s antibacterial face wash or Thursday Plantations Tea Tree Skin Wash with some additional Pure Tea Tree oil added to increase the antiseptic properties) around the penis, bacteria is prevented from growing in the moist tissue and hence smells do not form. This in combination with using toilet paper to wipe away excess urine rather than the customary “few shakes” virtually eliminated all smell in my penis.

I can’t comment on the general hygene practices of uncircumcised males in Australian or global society, but when washing twice a day (morning and night) I never had any smell around my penis.

I decade ago I recall a friendly debate with three late twenty-something women who were all under the impression that a natural penis’s was more prone to smell than a circumcised male. I’m not sure if this goes to evidence that natural mens penis’s are more prone to smell or not. I have not found any scientific evidence on the matter and welcome any interested reader to post links to any such research.

In my case the reasons for having a circ were I thought it would feel better when having sex because of not having the foreskin in the way.

Being so busy I probably would never had gotten around to seeing a urologist and getting the circ, if it were not for a necessary hernia operation I required at age 37 as a result of some over judicious sit up routines. In a follow up post op visit, I had asked in passing my hernia surgeon, did he know of any good urologists – I’d like to talk to one about a circ. He said, that he did, and wrote me out the referral there and then.

In the mean time I did some research on the internet and had found the following website which had made the idea of a circ very positive:

Contrary to its assurances otherwise, I’d say this is not a “balanced” site but rather a pro-circ site. I believe it is pro-circumcision and the comments carefully screened by the author.

I had looked through the information and decided I wanted as much “inner skin” left as possible because this was the sensitive part which I wanted, during sex, to be exposed to my partners vagina.

A few weeks later I’m in the urologists room explaining my reasons for wanting a circ.

He listened and said, yep, sure, no problem. The risks you need to be aware of are

a.) Like all operations, there is a risk of infection. However, it’s unlikely and if you do get an infection we can treat it with antibiotics.

b.) There’s a risk of bleeding but that will go away within a few days.

c.) There’s a risk of scarring, but this will also go away over time.

The surgeon proceeded to explain the technicalities of the operation in clear language, using diagrams, and told me that he would leave the frenulum as it’s important for blood flow to the penis.

I thought the operation was relatively free from risks and booked in for the operation.

What I know now of course, is that the big risk, the biggest risk of all when considering my reasons for a circ was the very real probability of diminished sensitivity to the penis. The surgeon’s advice should have been, in my opinion, something to the effect: “David, you’re coming in here for reasons of “wanting to improve your sex life by not having a foreskin present because you feel it’s getting in the way… BUT… are you aware that there’s evidence that suggests that many men, post circumcision, experience decrease in sensitivity to the gland, and as a result, reduced sexual sensation?”

That would have been, in my opinion, the proper warning to provide any man thinking of undergoing a circumcision. It’s everybody’s right to know, in clear unambiguous language, if a operation will result in diminished sensitivity to something as important as a sexual organ and associated consequences to sexual experience. I believe it’s as important for the same reasons that we are not allowed to commit battery (see battery side note) against one another – that everybody’s person is inviolable and should not be interfered with without proper consent.

Battery Side Note:The elements of the tort of battery are:

(i)             an act (not an omission): Holmes v Mather;

(ii)            that is direct: Hutchins v Maughan;

(iii)           the act is intentional or careless: Williams v Holland;

(iv)          and causes physical contact with the plaintiff: Collins v Wilcock;

(v)           without the plaintiff’s consent: In Re F.

That was to be my experience, a greatly reduced sensation of sensitivity in my penis. I was blissfully unaware, and looked forward to my operation, looking forward to what I thought would be greater sexual pleasure and better hygiene and more spontaneity of sex.

The Operation

The actual operation went as well as can be expected. I had mine under local anaesthetic. I was very nervous and nearly pulled out after the surgeon had put in the local anaesthetic and poked and prodded and asked me if I could feel anything. I wanted to say, look, I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to do this, but due to embarrassment of being so indecisive, and not wanting to upset the surgeon, I said nothing.

My advice if you’re ever in that situation, if you’re never 100% sure about doing something to your body, then it’s probably your instincts telling you it’s wrong, don’t do it. My advice is listen to your instincts and leave, no matter who you upset.

The operation took about 45 minutes and was painless. The only pain was the local anaesthetic but that lasted for about 30 seconds and was no more painful during the 30 seconds than a tetanus injection. After completion, the surgeon wrapped my penis up in a light bandage and I was sent home to bed, told not to do anything for 2 or 3 days, and stay pretty much around home for a week, taking it easy, do nothing strenuous. I was also told to ice it regularly to reduce swelling.

After about 3 days, when the blood and bruising had eased I became quite nervous about what had happened. There was numbness all around, and my soft pink elastic frenulum, that attached the foreskin to the shaft of my penis, was no longer, rather, it was replaced with gristly numb tissue all stitched up. I started to worry about all the resulting scar tissue, if there was supposed to be this much pain and what if the numbness doesn’t go away.

Some 14 days later I went back to see the surgeon for a post op visit. He inspected, some stitches were starting to work loose, but otherwise the stiches were holding the outer skin of my penis to the inner skin. There was still a lot of swelling around the back of the penis where the frenulum was supposed to be, I thought it looked terrible and the surgeon said, “hmm, yes, that is an excellent result”. Further directing my attention to the swelling, pointing to the back of the penis, where the frenulum was, that’s normal and will be like that for up to 6 months. It will go down over time, just keep icing it and assured me that it’s otherwise normal. He also told me that as the pain starts to subside from the operation, I’ll notice that the penis will be itchy in my under pants, that’s also normal, and will go away over the next 6 months. He explained that the top dermis of the gland (the exposed head of the penis) will thicken over the coming months and so the itchiness will go away. I enquired if that would reduce my sexual sensitivity, feeling a bit like an idiot- why didn’t I ask this before the operation?? He stated it unlikely, but it’s hard to say, the research suggests some people experience greater sensation, some slightly less.

At that stage I was flabbergasted; I felt like saying ‘but asshole, I come in here asking for an operation to increase my sexual feeling, and you say no worries, risk were bleeding, scarring, infection, but nothing at all about “risk” of loss of sexual sensation until after the operation.” I said nothing, just hoping that it was too early to tell and give it some time.

I knew pretty much at or around this stage that my frenulum was replaced with scar tissue and that was a dire depression causing disappointment which I still have to this day. My once highly sensitive frenulum is now thick scar and has much less feeling than the skin one my arm. The surgeon told me the frenulum would remain, but that was not true. It was replaced with scar tissue and in my case, this is still a source of pain when my penis becomes erect – the less flexible scar tissue pulls tight and causes a dull pain.

After about 3 months I could have sex again. It was hard to tell if sensitivity was less or not, because of the pain was still reasonably acute upon erection. Also, I could not have sex for too long for the skin on the back of the penis near the fenulum would become too painful.

I would try to focus on the remaining sensitivity of the gland of the penis. From about three months to six months sensation in the glad was still good. I liked how  I didn’t have to reach down to pull back any foreskin. Sex was still good out to about six months but then I started to notice a significant drop off in sensation over the following six months. Over the six month to twelve month period I noticed that my penis became less sensitive and itchy in my underpants and less sensitive to my partners touch. The rubbing of my penis in my underpants de-sensitized the gland. Also, I noticed, that initially, it was very difficult to have hot showers, with my gland exposed. Especially in the first few months. But from month 3 to 12, my penis went from one where I could not have it under the shower, to where, after a year I could have my penis directly exposed to the hot water of a shower without any pain or sensual discomfort in my penis whatsoever. At this stage the dermis of my gland was increasing in thickness which allowed me to not notice my penis in my underpants while in the shower, and over the same time period, the pleasurable sensation of sex started to drop off. I also started to lament the memory of the nice feeling of cold air as it would embrace my gland upon retraction of the foreskin. This was always an erotic act to me – the cool air against my moist gland would always cause some psychological palovian pleasure response prior to sexual intercourse. I now never experience that sensation any more.

By a year out I knew I was one of those people who were experiencing a bad circumcision. I had disgust with the surgeon for failing to warn me, and disgust with myself for letting this happen, and an overall feeling of bitter bitter disappointment of the loss of sexual feeling. Now, 30 months on, the foreskin removal is a horrendous loss to me and my sexual enjoyment.

Loss of penile sensitivity

The tissue in the penis is much like the inner lining of the mouth. Under that membrane teems thousands of nerve endings just below the surface of the membrane. It’s not just skin as one would find on the hand, or any exterior of the body, it’s a membrane. Fluids can transgress it’s surface. Indeed, bodily fluids can pass through the membrane, which, if a man is having sex with a female partner infected with a STI, is how the STI virus can pass through the membrane of his gland (head) and into his blood stream, thus infecting him. (citation needed) This occurs more easily in an natual penis because his membrane is thinner. A circumcised penis, shortly after circumcision, starts to rub against underpants and clothing. That frictional rubbing against cotton or other material dries the membrane out and in response it starts to thicken. This thicker membrane explains (scientific citation needed) why circumcised men have less chance of contracting STI’s. The naturally thicker dermis of a circumcised penis creates a natural barrier to STI’s transgressing across their membrane. A natural condom if you will. Also, if looked at carefully the gland’s surface, rather than being a moist smooth membrane (as it was prior to the circ), post circ, the surface is cracked and dried. As the dermis builds up over time, the surface colour of the gland transforms from a dark pink/purple to a light pale pink.

Explanation for other males differences in sensation

I guess everyone’s experience will be somewhat varied; for example, a lot of my foreskin has been removed, to the point that even when my penis is flaccid, the gland is uncovered by any skin and exposed to the rubbing and friction against my under pants.

If another person had a partial circ, where if the penis is flaccid, some foreskin still covers most of the gland, I suppose that much of the friction against one’s underpants would not occur. Hence, they may not have such a thickness of dermis grow over the gland and hence would not report sexual loss or perhaps very little, compared to myself.

My summary is as follows:

It’s a terrible thing to do to yourself! In my case, the dermis has thickened to such a degree that I feel very little in the end of my penis. Sexually, I compare it to worse than any sex I can remember with a condom on when uncircumcised. That is, I would prefer to have had sex with an natural penis with a condom on then with the circumcised penis I have now.

If you want to get some idea of what a post circumcised penis feels like then pull your foreskin back, put a condom on, jump under a really hot shower. Can you tolerate the hot water from the shower stream landing directly on your gland of your penis. If not, add another condom (2 condom layers) or more layers, until you can handle it. Once you can handle it, that’s the sensitivity, which you will experience, post circ. Now have sex with that many condom’s on and record your subjective sense of sensitivity loss.

I’m not sure how to relay the experience onto a female. Perhaps, imagine the same, open your labia major to the hot water of a shower stream, (the hottest you can comfortably stand under) and think about how painful that is. You may not be able to tolerate it at all, it being fair too sensitive to direct contact of hot water. Then try putting some layers of gladwrap over your vulva until you no longer feel the pain of the water. Then touch around yourself with that gladwrap there, and assume that is the best sexual touch you will ever have. That is sensitivity post circumcision.

Why write about it?

To warn others! To contribute to an aspect of the debate I feel has been largely overlooked by the academic world. I wish I had read something like this prior to having my operation. When I went looking I found numerous debate about human rights, health and hygiene matters, but very little on loss of sexual sensation. It was only when googling “dangers of circumcision” I found negative opinions. I was most influenced by the first hand reports on the benefits at the following site, a site I’d advise the interested reader to treat with extreme caution: : I doubt the voracity of the first hand accounts given my result.

I hope my blog post will assist with your decision making. That you aware of the very real risks of loss of sexual sensation. Perhaps this risk is worth it especially if you are battling with chronic hygene of the penis or other issue. My advice is to not mess with what nature has given you lightly. If chronic infection is a problem, try a tea tree based antiseptic based wash first before taking this extreme and never to be undone procedure.

I especially hope that parents thinking of having their children circumcised reflect on my experience before taking the trespass to person and tyrannical action of imposing on their child a decision that is rightly theirs to make when they are an adult and have full access to information, both pro’s and con’s, in order to make an informed decision that’s best for them, not what’s best for their parents. In my opinion, parents nor anyone else should be allowed to allowed to commit such acts of battery upon their children. No one, no one at all, has a right to take the choice of risk of significant sexual diminished experience from another human being! Every human has a right to decide for themselves what risk they wish to place upon their sexual experiences. Only an adult who has had a chance to consider the scientific arguments, the scientific research, and then perhaps read some positive stories noted on and the negative ones such as mine will be in a position to make such a significant decision. In hindsight, a urologist who performs circumcisions are not well placed to give such advice. Firstly, they have a conflicted interest for they benefit financially when a person chooses a circumcision. So it’s in their interests to encourage the operation. Second, is Abraham Maslow insight of law of the instrument: It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail. I submit that a surgeon has both an incentive and narrowness of vision to treat every problem as to be fixed with a snip.

Prior to my own experience, I felt that circumcising a infant or young child is barbaric and criminal. Post Circumcision, given the real loss of sexual sensation I’ve experienced, and the associated consequential loss of sexual enjoyment, my view is even more extreme. It’s cruel, horrendous and completely devoid of respect for the child, arguably, completely without love. Callous, uncaring and a blatant disregard for the child’s future sexual enjoyment. If you blissfully disregard such remarks as irrelevancy then check the definitions of psychopath in either ICD10 (See F60.2 Dissocial personality disorder) or DSM-IV (301.7 Antisocial Personality Disorder) You may find it reflective.

For adults who are thinking of the procedure I can only advise, do your research. The loss of sexual feeling, in my experience, has been major.

In closing, to give some of my comments on some of the debatable matters I’ve come across:

1.) It’s more hygienic, there’s less chance of urinary tract infection etc – have a look at the first link above, I think the scientific jury is not convinced on that point. My experience is that, yes, maybe, but it’s a marginal difference, and at what cost? For those who have hygiene issues with their penis – try tea tree oil washes or ask their doctor for more stringent antiseptics or antibiotics. I’m sure with twice a day washing with appropriate products, drying of the penis properly, and being consistent that hygiene will be manageable and that there will be no smell or infection whatsoever.

2.) There’s less chance of a STI – Yes, but at what cost to your sexual enjoyment. I’d suggest, rather than undertake an operation that will diminish your sex enjoyment for life, for those partners you don’t know are STI free, use a condom. The great thing about that temporary decrease in sexual experience (wearing of the condom) is that it’s temporary – when you do meet a steady state partner, you can enjoy truly sensational sex.

3.) A circumcised penis is more aesthetically pleasing: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My opinion is that my dried crackly pale pink gland is nowhere near as attractive or nice looking as my smooth dark pink gland of pre-circumcised days. However, if this is something that is important to you or your partner, then maybe the risk of loss of sexual sensation is worth it for you. Also, depending upon the type of circ you have, perhaps your experience will be less severe than mine. Indeed, there are many comments on the web (see link above) where men purportedly state that their sex life is much better post circ compared to pre. I am not sure how true those remarks are. I can only relay you my experience which has not been good. In fact, I describe my loss of sensation as horrendous. Moreover, by adding this view to a blog, I invite others to post honest accounts of their comparative pre and post adult circ experiences.

4.) In cases where there is medical necessity, such as phimosis, where the foreskin does not retract fully, I’d suggest, rather than removing the foreskin completely, it may be more beneficial to your sexual sensation to have the surgeon open the top of the foreskin so the skin can retract fully. In my experience, the foreskin is a vital and necessary component in keeping the gland membrane moist, protected and highly sensitive.

5.) This blog post has been about one males experience having a circ performed in adult life, and the significant loss of sexual gratification I experience with a circumcised penis to what I recall with my uncircumcised or natural penis. I believe the natural experience was orders of magnitude better. The circumcised penis a shadow of its former self.

I hope this will kick start a discussion, a place where other males can post their experiences. I’ll revisit it as soon as I can and add in as many much needed scientific citations as I can in coming weeks or months to improve this entry. In the mean time I hope this information has been helpful and if you’re another adult circumcisee please share your experience with a post entry or a link to your own blog or other.

The Alternative View

My brother also had a circ a few months after I had mine, completely independently of me and my reasons. His experience has been more positive than mine. So in an effort to reduce the negative bias of my experience, I’ll do my best to get him to post his experience as soon as I can.

Also feel free to ask any further questions that you feel require explanation and I’ll do my best to answer.


Some other links which may be of interest:

In the second link, I can personally completely discount Prof Brian Morris’s comments:

Prof Brian Morris: Research shows there is no difference in sensitivity in a circumcised vs an uncircumcised penis. There is only on research study that has been done on sensation, of the erect penis and this research shows, published this year by Kimberly Payne in Canada, that there is no difference.

My comment to Prof Brian’s 60 minutes chat remarks is that this has certainly not been my personal experience. For the reason’s I note above, as to why the sensitivity drops off, explaining how it occurs (rubbing against underpants etc) as explained to me by my urologist, not to mention that most circumcisions remove the frenulum, I’m highly doubtful of any research that concludes that a circumcision results in neither more nor less sensitivity. In all cases, I would rationale, it reduces in less sensitivity. It may be the case, that some men prefer a less sensitive penis. That is another argument.


About davidlouis77

I'm married with two children. I live in Australia. Technology field. This blog contains lay non-medical opinion based upon personal observation relayed on honestly. I hope my blog post helps with personal decision making or makes one feel better about past mistakes.
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620 Responses to Adult Circumcision My Experience 2 years on

  1. JR says:

    Very interesting and informative. Circumcised at birth, I never gave any thought about this or had any knowledge of what I was missing. At late middle age the sensitivity I did have stated to disappear to the point where I could keep going till I was too tired to continue or my wife got sore. I felt like a dildo! Not many people are familiar with foreskins as an actual organ unto themselves. Most, including myself, thought it was just skin until I really studied it. Parents make decisions based on Drs. who have no stake in the matter other than making money or just out of habit and tradition. They have no firm understanding of what this procedure does to their baby and his future. Most of us “old timers” had this done to us with no thought given to the pain as it was widely felt that babies had no feelings of pain. ?! Dumb bas—-ds. Of course we don’t remember it – I don’t “remember” the pain of crushing my toe a few months ago either but I know it hurt like h–l at the time. I now fully resent having had this done to me and the effect it has had on my quality of life and relationship. I don’t hold it against my parents who were duped into doing what was the norm back then, but we know better these days though it seems to still be a well kept secret. The testimony here only reinforces the hypocrisy of this practice. More, very detailed information for expecting parents and yes, for baby boys as they grow, is needed here. Circumcision may make it easier for the parents in the first few years of life in caring for their boy but they need to think further ahead. The reasons nature put a foreskin there are concrete and ingenious! It is not as simple as has been thought in the past. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broke! It is there for some very good reasons, leave it where it is meant to be. Losing my prostate and all its abilities to cancer brought this subject to my attention as I know from the prostate experience how valuable and precious these sensations and experiences are to a person. Don’t screw it up for your baby before he even gets a start in life! THINK AHEAD FOR HIS FUTURE!

    • JR says:

      Just an added note here for those thinking about foreskin restoration. It will be just for looks. After losing my prostate to cancer, I realized you loose a lot more than your prostate from the operation. I lost a lot of penile dimension, length and girth. It backed up into its own skin far enough that I now appear to be uncircumcised. After almost two years now, no feeling has been restored anywhere so before going to all that work, realize that it is only for looks. Real foreskin cannot be restored! Once gone, it is gone forever. JR

  2. OGO-31 says:

    Oh No.! And I have a question is it possible to have just the frenulum detached?
    Because that’s the kind of thing I need to have done.
    Would that have the same effects that you got with your presidure

  3. mikehhhh says:

    A loss of sensation is very common with adult circumcision. However, you can get a lot of feeling back if you supply your penis with some acetyl L carnitine. This is an amino acid that repairs damaged nerve endings, and it will undoubtedly enhance the sensitivity of your penis. You can find this ingredient in a quality penis health creme. They are totally safe and work like a charm. Hope this helps some of you out there.

  4. Edwin says:

    I just had mine done 2 months ago, and to be honest it feels just weird., my sensitivity has gone away in some ways but also feels good in others. My big issue now is my partner. First of all I started having sex right after the day 31st I just could wait to have sex, I even pull out the last 2 stiches. Those days, now 30 days ago didn’t feel that bad to my girlfriend but now 60 days later, every time I try Intercourse weather is very lubricated or not to much lubricated she has the feeling of sharp needles to a point of sometimes crying and this is driving me crazy to know I am causing her this pain, I also can’t have more than 2 orgasm due to pain of sensitivity around my shaft, right where the frenulum used to be, and now is just a layer of skin which is now connected to the shaft post circ. It’s a hole mess I would say, now I have to learn how to live with, the real issue is finding a way how to stop hurting her while penetration.

    • Adam says:

      Hey the pain your love one is feeling that will go away. My wife had the same issue. i was doing it to her too. It could be stitches inside between the skin. That you cant see or the scarring thats a little hard. She always complain about the bottom of my of my head. Where the skin connected to the four skin. Time that will go away. Hope this helps bit.

    • Jerry Norton says:

      Why are you guys doing this anymore? Makes it hard to give a cogent response. You don’t explain why you are doing it….

  5. phillip says:

    I have just had my Circ 5 days ago. I did it after doing research and getting first hand information from people who have undergone the procedure on the pros and cons of circ, albeit, most of them were biased towards the procedure.

    All the information about reduced sexual sensation etc, i managed to get it before the circ and i knowingly went to the urologist expecting that one day, i will experience these feelings being talked about by you lot. I don’t have any regrets really as i was not pressured into doing the circ and i am not looking back.

  6. Jeff says:

    I really wish I never started reading about foreskin. I was one of the classic babies who had his genitals mutilated for absolutely no fucking reason. I have barely any feeling (sexual) in my penis. It’s only slightly more sensitive on the edges of the penis head and where the frenulum should be. I always thought this was what everyone experienced but I see that’s not the case. I find myself not being very satisfied after orgasm (which is really the only overly pleasurable part) through sex or masturbation, but of course I thought this was normal for guys. Fuck this makes me so mad. Thanks dad (and the jews for inventing), really appreciate you making the decision for me to have my penis mutilated because you had yours mutilated!

    • Codey says:

      It’s enough to make anyone anti-Semitic. But of course that’s political suicide. So we just get used to our genital brandings, for the empire.

  7. codyalanreel says:

    You could’ve just used common sense, and when contemplating the operation, just touched your foreskin a lot, and then realized “Hm…all of this is going to be gone, and it’s going to be replaced by…nothing.”

    But anyway, welcome to the club (except you actually had a choice).

    At least we’ll all get to go to Heaven, right?

  8. *sigh*

    Welcome to being a Jewish slave. Enjoy your freshly mutilated genitals and your exploitative bank account. I shouldn’t even be typing this right now, and I see you’ve had your fair share of agitprop bots spam the comment section of your post. But I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t wrong. Circumcision damaged your sexual feeling. I feel sorry for you, and I’m sure I’ll pay for letting you know. But someone has to be human, you know?

    • Most of us don’t get a choice, you know? We’re born, and one of the very first things that happens to us in the brave new world is a medical professional permanently maims our sexual organ, like an animal branding. All my brainwashing is telling me right now that I shouldn’t be telling you this, but it’s so obviously true. Anyone who disagrees is experiencing cognitive dissonance due to selfishly realizing that no one can ever repair this intimate wound.

  9. Max Power says:

    Check out the product Promescent. It is a product developed by Urologists and is rapidly becoming the treatment embraced by the medical community. It has an absorption technology that penetrates the top layer of skin and desensitizes the nerves in the penis. Promescent has no transference to your partner, allows the men retain sensation, is safe and easy to use offers a legitimate medical solution to those with PE or to those who would just like to prolong the experience. They just recently had articles on CNBC, Huffington Post, Ask Men, and NY Mag – they are the real deal.

  10. adam says:

    Wanted to ask if u still have the scarring around ur pines i have mine done in Sept and it looks like i have another head where the scarring is is that going to go is my shaft going to be one. Or am i goingt to have two lumbs

  11. Capt Hank says:

    I live in Florida and wanted a circumcision for the same reasons you had. Going to a well known doctor in Atlanta, I had a high and tight circumcision performed. The concept of getting circumcised was exciting, besides an attractive lady at a party I met said that she would never have sex with anyone not circumcised. The result I experienced was a disappointing half clip that I totally detested. After it healed I decided to try again and saw a well known surgeon in North Miami Beach. This time it was right and I was alright with it, except I was beginning to have problems maintaining an erection. Once again I sought medical help and went to a urologist in Claremont, FL who recommended a three stage implant. For six weeks I did penile exercises with a pump to give me the largest penis possible, before I underwent surgery. The result was fantastic! I now have a cock a porn star would be proud of! Besides, being in a nudist setting was the attraction of a number of beautiful women. I constantly use aloe hand lotion on my cock to keep it soft and sensitive. My wife loves the results and I now have a wonderful alternate lifestyle as well. Life couldn’t be better! Even without a frenulum I feel perfectly natural and can rise to the occasion at will. My cock feels wonderful and my sex life couldn’t be better. As a matter of information, I am over 80, look as if I’m in my 60’s and perform as well as someone in their 30’s. I’m not bragging, just explaining. Life is short, so go for it and never look back!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are happy with it, then that is good. It’s just not everyone’s “cup of tea” though.

    • Jeff Graw says:

      Women have you ‘rapped around the axil’. Any woman who would not accept a natural guy is not worth fucking. What a shallow bitch. Did she have her labia trimmed for you?

  12. Compounding is the extemporaneous preparation of a customized pharmaceutical by
    prescription order from a licensed practitioner.
    Many a times, it is found that the ingredient acts as a buffer or an inert component.
    Women are advised no to use Dianabol because it can cause androgenic reactions like hirsutism,
    deepening or voice, and development of other male characteristics.

  13. jayjaghy says:

    I was intact up until 6 months ago and everything mentioned is true. I no longer feel any sensation whatsoever. What was once a mind blowing experience, an all body and mind experience has gone. These thousands of nerves that have gone affect pleasure and the brain. As a result I have gone into depression. Having this done as an adult I know both sides and it is unreal. This makes men angry, it stops us from loving, it makes relationships meaningless because the love, the feelings, the intimacy have all been taken. Is it a coincidence that the nations that do this usually have a male population who are angry and aggressive, women who are unhappy. This destroys what nature intended. I do not think I will ever get married or be intimate again, because hard, aggressive intercourse is not me and that it what this has made me. I was a passion, warm, tender lover know I am the opposite and would rather not inflict that on a partner or myself because it is not me. I cannot tell you how sad I am.

    There is hope, there is an organisation called Forgen who are intending to regenerate the foreskin. The science is there but doctors and the medical community do not want this for obvious reasons. This brings them money and gives the government exactly what they want, unhappy people. Please if you can visit the website Like us on facebook, converse with us on twitter and please donate if you can. We require 5000 members at $10 a month to make this happen in 5 years. The more support we get, the sooner this can happen. There are millions of unhappy men and women out there. Once this comes to fruition and it will, this evil barbaric procedure will end forever. The project is really starting to take off. The results of the first experiment on bovine foreskins will be released on September “15th. The organisation also has permission to experiment on donated human foreskins which will be acquired hopefully by the end of the year. Please support and help if you can and spread awareness. This has to happen in order for it to end once and for all. We require 5000. The more support we get, the sooner this can happen. There are millions of unhappy men and women out there. Once this comes to fruition and it will, this evil barbaric procedure will end forever.

  14. jayjaghy says:

    I was intact up until 6 months ago and everything mentioned is true. I no longer feel any sensation whatsoever. What was once a mind blowing experience, an all body and mind experience has gone. These thousands of nerves that have gone affect pleasure and the brain. As a result I have gone into depression. Having this done as an adult I know both sides and it is unreal. This makes men angry, it stops us from loving, it makes relationships meaningless because the love, the feelings, the intimacy have all been taken. Is it a coincidence that the nations that do this usually have a male population who are angry and aggressive, women who are unhappy. This destroys what nature intended. I do not think I will ever get married or be intimate again, because hard, aggressive intercourse is not me and that it what this has made me. I was a passion, warm, tender lover know I am the opposite and would rather not inflict that on a partner or myself because it is not me. I cannot tell you how sad I am.

    There is hope, there is an organisation called Forgen who are intending to regenerate the foreskin. The science is there but doctors and the medical community do not want this for obvious reasons. This brings them money and gives the government exactly what they want, unhappy people. Please if you can visit the website Like us on facebook, converse with us on twitter and please donate if you can. We require 5000 members at $10 a month to make this happen in 5 years. The more support we get, the sooner this can happen. There are millions of unhappy men and women out there. Once this comes to fruition and it will, this evil barbaric procedure will end forever. The project is really starting to take off. The results of the first experiment on bovine foreskins will be released on September “15th. The organisation also has permission to experiment on donated human foreskins which will be acquired hopefully by the end of the year. Please support and help if you can and spread awareness. This has to happen in order for it to end once and for all. We require 5000. The more support we get, the sooner this can happen. There are millions of unhappy men and women out there. Once this comes to fruition and it will, this evil barbaric procedure will end forever.

  15. moyomongoose says:

    There are some dads who don’t believe their sons should have any emotions. They feel like no matter how emotionally distraught someone is over something, the issue should be treated like it does not exist. When those kind of dads have sons who become traumatized over finding out they’ve been circumcised, they warn their sons to “shut up about it”, and sometimes slap them around for speaking out about it.
    Someone like that is not a human…They are a machine. They are like a machine in a factory (oh, lets say, a widget stamper). It just runs on, going >RUMMM CLICK CLICK. RUMM CLICK CLICKRUMM CLICK CLICK. RUMM CLICK CLICK< as the man screams out in pain as his arm is getting torn off by the machine. That machine has no ability to care. It has no human emotion, and has no understanding what that is.
    The kind of dads I've mentioned are such machines…They possess no God given brain…just mechanical parts and cog wheels…a mere logic machine…a robot if you will…"That does not compute".
    That's how God designed the insect kingdom. Someone who is that cold lowers them selves to the level of an insect…or a machine that possess no soul. That's even lower than the animal kingdom. At least fur baring animals who have a tail, whiskers and a snout have a level of emotion.

    SOMETHING MESSED UP ON MY PRIOR POSTING. This is the corrected one.

  16. moyomongoose says:

    There are some dads who don’t believe their sons should have any emotions. They feel like no matter how emotionally distraught someone is over something, the issue should be treated like it does not exist. When those kind of dads have sons who become traumatized over finding out they’ve been circumcised, they warn their sons to “shut up about it”, and sometimes slap them around for speaking out about it.
    Someone like that is not a human…They are a machine. They are like a machine in a factory (oh, lets say, a widget stamper). It just runs on, going >RUMMM CLICK CLICK. RUMM CLICK CLICKRUMM CLICK CLICK. RUMM CLICK CLICK< as the man screams out in pain as his arm is getting torn off by the machine. That machine has no ability to care. It has no human emotion, and has no understanding what that is.
    The kind of dads I've mentioned are such machines…They possess no God given brain…just mechanical parts and cog wheels…a mere logic machine…a robot if you will…"That does not compute".
    That's how God designed the insect kingdom. Someone who is that cold lowers them selves to the level of an insect…or a machine that possess no soul. That's even lower than the animal kingdom. At least fur baring animals who have a tail, whiskers and a snout have a level of emotion.

    • moyomongoose says:

      Must be an internet error or something…Danm anyway!
      Anyway, on line 9. I meant to say:
      If a factory worker got his arm caught up in that machine, that machine does not stop and say, “Hey, factory worker man! Are you OK?!”.
      All that machine knows is to continue going >Rumm click click Rumm click click< as that man is screaming while his arm is getting torn off by that machine.

  17. says:

    Some states do not make it so easy to verify a CNA certification. Nursing aides are also given necessary time to focus better on their jobs and responsibilities through these training programs.
    Compare to other education programs, CNA training lasts quite shortly – from
    6-12 weeks.

  18. Chris Elvis says:

    Damn bro….you scared the heaven out of me…its been a week since i have circ and i am severely struggling with my healing..and u know what i already regreting this..cos i really miss my foreskin man…
    Like you said, those
    Urologist are being biast..they only care about their salaries and wages…u bet most of them are not even circ,,..,knowing the fact that the disadvantages are beyond their power i.e once done,,there is no turning back.
    They only told me the good site of being circ but the bad site none o which i remember. After reading your story,i wished there was a time machine or if possible reinstall my foreskin back..but who knows maybe i could experience a different outcome,,.but i doubt that..but ey there is nothing i can do best if i can make the best out of it..every thing happens for a reason!

  19. printformbutton says:


    It is excellent idea. I support you.

  20. God, how I wish i read this before considering surgery, I had the same problem as the blogger, it has only been 4 months, i wanted 1 cm of the tip instead he took everything. In despair. Please visit FOREGEN, and support them, they are aiming to regenerate the foreskin and hopefully in the not too distant future we can get back what was taken from us.

    I am a supporter, i urge you to donate what you can and spread awareness of this cause. Both men and women suffer from this barbaric procedure. This is the biggest regret of my life.

    p.s This HB CALLI guy is a monster, it is obvious he is very unhappy with himself being cut and is trying to urge others to be in the same boat. He should do the world a favour and disappear.

    • moyomongoose says:

      That’s why I don’t trust doctors. And if I ever got an injury or major illness that required medical attention, except for if I know the doctor really well, I will tell a doctor who I don’t know, that I will kill the one who circumcises me (and I would too. I don’t blow shit about something like that). The doctor who ever does it to me is a dead man, even if he doesn’t know it yet.
      It might get me some jail time for making threats to a doctor. But if that’s what you have to do to protect yourself before going into surgery, then that’s what you have to do.
      After all…Try fucking around with the genitalia belonging to any other creature in God’s creation. With some animals, the consequences could turn out deadly.

  21. HBCaliDude says:

    Circumcision prevents UTIs. However, proHIVinfectivists (intactivists) keep telling people to use antibiotics once the foreskin causes a UTI.

    NEWS FLASH! UTIs are now starting to become antibiotic-RESISTANT! This means that the best way to prevent a UTI is through circumcision, since the foreskin increases the chances of developing UTIs drastically.

  22. HBCaliDude says:

    A tight circumcision WILL NOT cause someone to be reliant on lubricant for masturbation.

    With a tight circumcision, there is no moveable shaft skin. Masturbation can still be done WITHOUT lubricant through stimulating the bottom part of the glans where it connects to the penile shaft. Stimulating the upper portion of it may feel uncomfortable.

    To do this, just grip the penis loosely, and rub your index and thumb up and down this area.

    Of course, using lubricant feels like a vagina and even some intact people use lubricant.

  23. clintom says:

    Am here to testify on how I got my erection back to 100%.I’m 29yrs old, I was happy with my wife not until I lost my erection which resulted to quarrel between me and my girl. But all thanks goes to Dr. Oboh who helped me out. Now am happy again with my wife and now my erection is stronger and better than as it was I can spend much time making sex without stress .you might need his assistant also. I believe he will be able to help you too. his email or call him on:2348159550624

  24. Anonymous says:

    HBCali is a shill who’s prime concern is clearly to protect the money making infant mutilation business. I hope he and the likes of him are sued for every penny they have and then some for the harm they cause.

    • Harry Lackey says:

      When HBCalidude has his place beside the Pharisees on Judgement Day, he might receive something far worse than being sued in this life. Especially when the New Testament covenant no longer requires it.

      • HBCaliDude says:

        Harry, the New Testament no longer requires it as a ritual, but it DOES NOT FORBID it. Considering that a nice and tight circumcision is cleaner and healthier because it prevents smegma, UTIs, STDs, and HIV/AIDs, it should be something that everyone should do because the Bible states that cleanliness is Godliness.

    • HBCaliDude says:

      Circumcision saves money because there would be less UTIs, STDs, and HIV to treat. Going by your logic, you could say that you want to discourage circumcision because you work for the pharmaceutical company to increase sales of STD medications.

  25. HBCaliDude says:

    When getting a circumcision done, make sure it is done as tight as possible. A tight circumcision is achieved by removing the maximum amount of skin possible. It is important that a tight circumcision is done so that:

    1) Unlike a loose circumcision, there is no excess skin for smegma to accumulate

    2) The maximum amount of inner foreskin will have been removed, reducing the area for HIV or other STDs to be transmitted

    2) A child will be unable to restore the foreskin if he tries to.

    A loose circumcision is typically advocated by intactivists so that it is easier to restore and so that it still looks somewhat like there is a short foreskin. Sometimes, a surgeon with less experience doing circumcisions may perform it this way as a mistake.

    • Did you read the blog above at all??? The trauma this man has gone through from having a circumcision, and losing his foreskin, and you are trying to convince people to get it all taken away? You want them to lose all pleasure in sex??? What is your purpose in coming on here and spreading lies??

  26. Ellie says:

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    think about if you added some great visuals or video clips to give your posts more,
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  27. HBCaliDude says:

    Happy Belated New Year everyone!

    Your new year’s resolution for 2014 should be to get circumcised and get any of your sons circumcised. Start the new year free of smegma and with a significantly reduced chance of getting HIV/AIDS, STDS, and UTIs!

    • pete says:

      If circumcision reduces AIDS as you mention ,why then with America having one of the
      highest circumcision rates in the world why does it also has one of the highest incidents of AIDS.

      Do some research to see how many American babies die every year form complications from circumcisions and how many baby boys have their penises completely removed from
      infection from circumcision.

      • moyomongoose says:

        HB Calidude is sick. He just can’t leave the dicks alone.
        He has no concept about what “none of his business” means.

        • pete says:

          Im not in anyway wanting to put any person down but I do feel very sorry for him as I
          suspect he was circumcised from a baby and never got the chance to experience what should
          have been his legal right to experience.
          The same with all other guys who have been cut , sure if you have never had it you will
          not miss it so the saying goes but to lose a very sensitive part of your body is sad.
          They will never experience the joy of the real feeling of the foreskin naturally stimulating the gland , nothing can stimulate like the real thing.
          They will never experience the first pull back of the foreskin in the morning when its time
          to pee , the tingling sensation of the head being un covered which then brings it to life with a wonderful feeling of pleasure.

    • Gerry says:

      I like this slogan:

      A – Always
      B – Be
      C – Complete

      I’ve got I a question for you. If the arguments for circumcision are so strong, why aren’t uncircumcised adults in Europe and The U.S. falling over each other in a rush to have themselves cut? The answer is pretty clear – they value what they have.

  28. HBCaliDude says:

    Remember the ABC of sexual health safety:

    A – Always
    B – Better
    C – Circumcised

  29. HBCaliDude says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    If your child is born on Christmas day, remember to give him a circumcision as his first Christmas present.

  30. HBCaliDude says:

    There is no justification in keeping the foreskin even if being circumcised causes the glans to become crackly and dry (keratinized). A circumcised penis with a keratinized glans can be dekaratinized by using the ManHood restorer:

    Although the ManHood restorer is used by proHIVinfectivists that try to replicate their foreskins to speed up the dekeratinization, it can also be used by a circumcised person who is not currently replicating the foreskin.

  31. HBCaliDude says:

    Why hasn’t David Louis updated this blog since his first and only post? It’s been 3 years. Why are there no before and after pictures like what numerous other people blogging their circumcision experience have done? People have asked who the surgeon performing David Louis’s circumcision, and where the clinic was located, but there has been no reply?

    Perhaps David Louis is not a real person, but rather a group of proHIVinfectivists disguised as one person, and the whole experience here is actually fabricated. It never really happened, which is why the authors of this page cannot provide any pictures or names of people involved, and do not update this, because they have forgotten it among their other fabrications.

    Normally, people would say this smells fishy. I would say, this smells like smegma. YUCK! Get cut, get protected, get happy.

    ABCs of sexual health:

    A – Abstinence
    B – Be faithful to your wife
    C – Circumcise

    • Harry Lackey says:

      Like I just replied to another one of your comments five minutes ago…”You have a big imagination”…And imagination is the most dangerous nation. You remind me of a loud horse fly buzzing around that just won’t quit.
      Of course if you want to see pictures, you can see three of them of myself in my scrapbook on . It’s a furry fandom site. There are guys who post those kind of pictures of themselves in the Yiffy scrapbooks all the time. Yiffy just doesn’t allow it in their main gallery or in Yachan.
      I’ll admit mine is not a “replication”, like you call it…like I’ve been tugging your string all along that it was.
      I was born with an inverted penis (an innie). It use to be so far in when I was born, they couldn’t circumcise me. It’s somewhat descended now days, but still sits back really short when sheathed. When it’s not hard, it has the same outward appearance of a man who had his dick cut off, it sits back in so short.
      If you doubt me, go on Yiffy and see my scrapbook. My user name there is moyomongoose.

  32. autumnbp11 says:

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    • HBCaliDude says:

      Lube up!

      • Harry Lackey says:

        More simply, leave alone what doesn’t need fixing. No one should have to “lube up” you sicko. God designed the human male to have a foreskin, but I guess you know more about creation than what God knows, Huh.
        Lucifer made the same mistake. That’s what made him into the Devil.

  33. Harry Lackey says:

    Abortion is not parent’s choice. Implanting an RFID chip is not parent’s choice. Tattoos and piercing are not parent’s choices. Why should circumcision be any different?

    • HBCaliDude says:

      Circumcision significantly lowers the chance of contract HIV/AIDS, STDs, UTIs, and penile cancer. It is like a vaccine against these diseases. Parents can vaccinate their kids without the child’s consent, and since circumcision is like a vaccine because it is done to prevent diseases, it is the parents’ choice to make.

  34. Harry Lackey says:

    What’s really ironically sad for those who were circumcised at birth is as follows: You may have seen it posted, I was born with a penis that is inverted to the point, that when flaccid and sheathed, It is about as long as half your thumb, and that includes foreskin overhang (not so when erect though). Certain aspects of my reproductive system were also slightly compromised in their development. I can still have sex and perform the normal things any other male can do. Except when I was 17, I was told by our family doctor, that the sexual experience enjoyed by someone born normal may be somewhat higher than what I myself have known. Although he did assure me that he believed that my sexual enjoyment shouldn’t be near as badly diminished as someone who is circumcised (I don’t think our family doctor, when I was a teen, was pro-circ).

    But I got to thinking on that. Doctors today will ruin the penis of a baby who was born with HEALTHY NORMAL GENITALIA. So when that kid grows up, someone like myself, born with DEFORMED, POSSIBLY STERILE GENITALIA, still enjoys a higher level of sexual pleasure than that one who was born GENITALLY NORMAL and GENITALLY HEALTHY…but got cut.
    That is really “kick in the ass” sad the more you think about it that way.

    • HBCaliDude says:

      There are so many people, including myself, who have gotten circumcised after having sexual intercourse before getting circumcised, and it is either much better or not much different.

      What changes however, is that circumcised penises are much healthier, as they accumulate less smegma, and have less chance of contracting HIV/AIDS, STDs, and UTIs. The foreskin is extremely disgusting.

  35. Harry Lackey says:

    At first, I wasn’t going to mention those doctor’s names. But damn it anyway, I’m going to put their sorry ass names out there. The first one was Dr. Herman Stienner, Urologist. The second one was Dr. Robert Kohen, MD. (not sure about the spelling of his last name).

  36. Harry Lackey says:

    This is the time to let everyone know the real deal about myself concerning the circumcision issue. And if I have offended anyone who was circumcised by telling everyone that I was circumcised, I apologize for it. I am truly sorry. I made that deception to string HBCallidude along and to mess with his pea sized mind for a while. He IS a down right shit ass.
    I was born with a partly inverted penis (an innie). When I was born, the doctors couldn’t figure out what to do about circumcising me. My foreskin WAS a bit short enough to where only a small bit of my penis head would, most of the time, poke out. I did make a stretch device to make my foreskin cover it completely. The part of my making a stretch device is truth. Any mention I may have made about my involvement with animals was partly out of my fascination and love for animals, and partly because most human woman are turned off by a man equipped with an innie (I know that fact too painfully well. I experienced it). Disobeying my dad came out of me just not getting along with my dad because he was so strict.
    I was told once that traction suturing would easily correct my situation. I lived near the Orlando, Florida area from 1979 to 2003. And here is where I have my big issue with this nation’s medical profession being so Hell bent on circumcising. I had twice went to see a doctor, during the 1980s, about getting my “innie” situation corrected. After the first doctor I saw, in Orlando, examined me, he told me “The first thing we need to do is remove your sheathing”…he called it a sheathing. I told him that I did not want that done. He replied “I don’t think you understand. Your sheathing is to be removed”. That was the point when I got dressed and walked out. The doctor squawked about me owing him payment for the visit. He billed me. I did not pay it for a long time. Then he turned me over to collections, then had his attorney threaten to sue me, so I paid the bill.
    Two years later, I saw another doctor about getting this thing corrected. The first thing that came out of his fly and maggot infested mouth was “I’m going to schedule you a hospital appointment so we can get you circumcised. And then we can go from there”. I walked out on him too. He also billed me, which I paid it. Ever since then, I have been too scared to see a doctor about getting my deformity corrected. I am now 59 years old, and it is still not corrected. And never will be. I believe God has a special place in Hell for doctors like that. A special much hotter place. If you could see the way I am built, you would know that if a doctor had circumcised me, I would have nothing left. You can see images on It is one of the furry sites I put artwork on. If you click onto my scrapbook, user name moyomongoose, you will see exactly the way I am built. Those 3 images are the way my genital really is.
    Again, i apologize for claiming a part of your pain that I am not a part of.

  37. Harry Lackey says:

    Do you want to see a really shocking reason why you were circumcised? And it will piss you off. Get on Youtube and search “What is the illuminati? Part 5 on circumcision” And also see “Birth of a new earth with Jeanice Barcelo”. There is a reason the elite has for circumcising new borns for trauma induced mind control. There are parts of your brain, as well as four glands in your brain, that never develop without the foreskin wired to it through childhood. Those parts of the brain are a part of what makes humans human, and a part of human self will and ambition (why do you think there are not many men in society who act like they care about anything anymore…reduced to animals). Special receptors in the foreskin lining also chemically respond to a woman’s vagina to help both man and woman bond to each other. Animals don’t have that. That is why animals don’t stay with one mate for life (like most people today). The Madagascan Fossa is a good example of multiple sex partners. You can still experience sexual gratification, but sex induced love bonding to only one partner is not there without those receptors. It is one of the things unique in the way mankind’s bodies are designed. As for the Illuminatis, they want to control us as animals…slaves to serve their will and purpose. Beasts of burden. Sheep. They don’t care about what parts of our brains don’t develop. They don’t care about our ability to firmly bond to only one sex partner for life. They don’t care about us having sex with numerous sex partners during our lifetimes (as the animal kingdom does). And circumcision reduces your chance of HIV by 60%??? Bonding to only one sex partner for life reduces your chance of HIV by 100%. Most of us feel offended if someone calls us an animal, but that is what the illuminati (Satanic secret society), through the medical profession, has all but turn us into with their scalpels. We who are circumcised at birth are closer to being like the animal kingdom, as far as how our brains and nervous systems are developed and wired, than the men who are not…who are the way God designed us and meant us to be from creation. So don’t laugh at the bear in the woods, or the fossa in the Madagascan jungle, or the dogs humping in the streets and vacant lots. All this stuff you now hear about the coming NWO has been in the planning stage since the late 1940s…about the time infant circumcision became ramped.

    • HBCaliDude says:

      Seriously? The Illuminati? That video was nothing but conspiracy theory hogwash. In fact, it’s the proHIVinfectivists who scare people into leaving their babies intact that would seem more like the Illuminati. They deceive people into believing that circumcision is bad, and those who believe get drawn into what is literally a foreskin-worshipping cult. By keeping their foreskins, they are putting more people at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS, STDs, UTIs, penile cancer, and cervical cancer. YES, CERVICAL CANCER FOR WOMEN. That’s because the foreskin contains smegma, which can cause HPV infections in women, and then subsequently cervical cancer. Smegma looks disgusting, feels disgusting, smells disgusting and is disgusting. The same can be said fore the foreskin.

  38. Harry Lackey says:

    Also search on youtube “What is the Illuminati? Part 5 on circumcision”. It will tell you the real reason they circumcise infants.

  39. Harry Lackey says:

    Go to youtube. Search “Birth of a new earth with Jeanice Barcelo”.

  40. Eric says:

    Hi, I appreciate all your thoughts on the matter.i am writing this on the evening of my first circumcised day. While I don’t doubt anything you have said, my problem was that I suffered with PARAphimosis about 50% of the time, which actually made me afraid to have sex. This can’t be any worse than that, believe me

    • HBCaliDude says:

      Tell these proHIVinfectivists about how your circumcision did not decrease your sexual or masturbatory pleasure. Break their lies with the truth! You’re another example of how the foreskin is problematic and must be removed.

      • Harry Lackey says:

        TO: HBCalidude;
        At least Eric was able to make that decision for himself. And not all men develop problems with their foreskin. It is wrong on all levels to force it on others, especially helpless children and babies. And on some boys, it could even cause complications. For someone who has a penis that is built the way mine is, to get circumcised would cause almost nothing to be left to it by the time the doctors got done with it. And some babies get infection from it and either die or loose the whole penis.

  41. HBCaliDude says:

    Sometimes, you have to forgive foreskin lovers because they are MENTALLY ILL. Appreciating the foreskin IS A MENTAL DISORDER.

    A psychopathology term that fits the anti-circ”s sexual obsession with the prepuce is called “partialism” and is found in the American Psychiatric Association”s Diagnostic & Statistical Manual 4th Revision (better known as the “DSM-IV”). It is located under “Paraphilia not Otherwise Specified” in the sexual and gender Identity Disorders Section. The ICD-9 code for Paraphilia NOS is 302.9. The diagnosis is made for paraphilia if “the behavior, sexual urges, or fantasies cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning”. The definition of partialism is “exclusive focus on part of the body”.

  42. HBCaliDude says:

    It is well known that proHIVinfectivists claim that proponents of circumcision are circumfetishists. Well, it turns out that it is in fact the proHIVinfectivists themselves who suffer from fetishes, namely, the foreskin fetish and pedophelia.

    The anti-circ organizations are a magnet for pedophiles, whose preference is for the uncircumcised appearance of a boy”s penis since this arouses in their twisted minds an image of untouched innocence. Such sexual predators then set about robbing the boy of this innocence.

    A brief discussion of pedophilia appears in an account of a man with a strong foreskin fetish [A-13]. Some have been arrested, with one report [A-14] stating “Paul J. Zimmer, founder of a anti-circumcision group called The Newborn Rights Society, was caught in the act of fondling an eleven-year-old boy. Zimmer was baby-sitting the boy and had brought him to the [nudist] camp without the mother’s knowledge.

    This time police were called. Also suspected of sexually abusing that boy were James Joseph O’Boyle and Robert J. Schumann. It turned out that Zimmer had been abusing the boy sexually and psychologically for years. He was charged with “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse,” “indecent assault,” “sexual abuse of children and corruption of minors” and later pleaded guilty to “endangering the welfare of a child.”

    “A subsequent report [A-15] stated that “the 11-year-old alleged victim told police he didn’t want to testify. … the boy was “scared, and had trouble remembering some incidents.” … after more than an hour’s consultation with the … boys and his parents, they decided to withdraw the charges against Paul Zimmer, 42 Coventryville Road and Robert J Schumann, Clarksburg, N.J. The blond-haired boy sat in the back of the tiny courtroom flanked by his parents. He fidgeted in his chair, kicking his feet.

    The boy’s father sat with his arms crossed tightly as the decision was announced. The two suspects were charged with sexually assaulting the boy in separate incidents in mid-June during a weekend outing at the Sunny Rest Lodge Nudist Camp in Franklin Township near Palmerton.

    Zimmer, a family friend hired to tutor the boy, said he was given permission by the boy’s parents to take the juvenile to the nudist camp for the weekend. Zimmer [was charged] with involuntary, deviate sexual intercourse; indecent assault; and corruption of minors for allegedly molesting the boy on June 16 and 17. Schumann was charged with molesting the boy at the camp on June 17.

    After Judge Steigerwalt dismissed the charges, Schumann turned to Zimmer and said he wanted nothing to do with him or his organization The Newborn Rights Society, a group opposed to circumcision. “This is it,” he said. “I’m out of your group, understand? I’m out.” …. Zimmer said he was pleased with the outcome of the case. “Obviously I’m happy about it, he said.” Besides this I have allegations have been conveyed to me about other spokesmen of the anti-circ cause, apparently backed up by evidence.

    I wonder how some of the “do-gooders” in some of these anti-circ organizations would feel knowing that some of their fellow members may be pedophiles? A high profile US case has involved allegations that concern boys of Hispanic (uncircumcised) ethnicity.

    The Asian Tsunami of 2004 was reported to have caused an influx of pedophiles to Thailand (a mostly uncircumcised population) where many children were orphaned by the disaster. In 2004 a number of arrests were made in Australia for pedophile related activities involving pornographic images of children.

    Interestingly, one of these individuals was a pediatrician from Brisbane. Most pediatricians are well-intentioned. However, clearly this specialty would attract male medical graduates with a sexual predilection for children.

    In contrast, the circumcised penis makes it appear more adult, with its exposed glans. As an example of this, when the English (uncircumcised) colonized Australia in 1788 they set up camp and explored Sydney Harbour.

    Noticing a group of (naked) aboriginal men on the shores of one part as they sailed past they commented on their “manly” appearance, referring to the circumcised state of their penises. They therefore named this area “Manly”, which is today a well-known suburb of the greater Sydney metropolitan area.

    A-13. Khan MM. Foreskin fetishism and its relation to ego pathology in a male homosexual. Int J Psychoanal. 1965; 46: 64-80.

    A-14. Craft N. Busting Mr Short Eyes. In: On The Issues: The Progressive Woman’s Quarterly. Winter 1995.

    A-15. Child molestation charges against pedophile nudist dropped.

    • Harry Lackey says:

      “Untouched innocents”? It’s pro-circ sickos who get their rocks off by being able to see that kid’s dick head full time. Watching it get exposed to, and it coming in contact with everything his dick gets near. The pro-circ sickos get their rocks off when they change their boy’s diapers. When they sprinkle the kid’s bottom with baby powder, or rub diaper cream all over his bottom, they get off as they watch there being no foreskin to stop the head part from getting covered with diaper cream or powder. Or maybe the pro-circs really like it when they pull off a soiled diaper and junior pooped all over the head of his penis, while uncircumcised babies never poop all over their penis heads. It’s PROTECTED. I would guess to those pro-circ sickos, it’s no fun to see only the ball sack and outer foreskin get pooped on. They love to see that most private part head covered in poop, then get covered in diaper cream, and know, in their sick minds, that the kid’s penis will wait for the next poop covering it’s head to happen. Over and over and over again until he is potty trained.
      Regardless of what age I am, I’d rather have my penis head covered with my foreskin, not poop, powder, cream, bath water, or anything that gets spilled in the lap. And in a public shower situation, or in a doctor’s visit situation, showing the foreskin is enough as far as I am concerned. I want that head part of my penis to stay a private and hidden thing, thank you.

    • You sure have some hang-ups about uncircumcised penises. For your information, Manly got its name from Captain Arthur Phillip, who wrote, with reference to the Aboriginal men he saw there, that “their confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place”. What strange mind would put this down to their penisies?

  43. Frizb99 says:

    David, I enjoyed your blog and am glad that someone else gets it! I’m 33 and was cut at birth. I only wish my parents had given me the opportunity to make that decision on my own. I have been working on foreskin restoration off and on for about 2 years in an attempt to reverse my circumcision and eventually dekeratinize the glans. With time and patience, you slowly stretch the skin and recreate the appearance of a natural organ, though hundreds of thousands of nerve endings are permanently lost. I have had moderate success with about 50% coverage of the glans when flaccid.
    I have helped future generations from having to go through this process by convincing two pregnant women to give some serious thought into mutilating their baby boy without consent. I am very strong on this issue and even got a little emotional. One even already had a three year old son and was concerned when they compare their bodies. I said so what? With routine circ on the decline, theres a high chance that comparison will occur in the school locker roon as well.
    My response was it has to stop somewhere; if everyone continues because their dad or brother is cut, it will never stop. It was too late for me but hopefully more moms AND DOCTORS will stop cutting without thought.

    • HBCaliDude says:

      You can vaccinate your child, sign them up for music lessons, and send them to certain schools all without their consent and makes a permanent impact on their lives.

      Children DO NOT have consent as they are under the age of being allowed to do so. PARENTS have the choice to circumcise their children.

    • Jerry Norton says:

      Fritz, thanks for saving those infants, sons, adult men.

  44. Erick says:

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    website. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more
    pleasant for me to come here and viusit more often. Did you hire out a developer to reate your theme?
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  45. Anonymous says:

    David, I’m hoping your problems with sensation have been — and will continue to be — getting better!

    I made the experience that my sensitivity got a lot better after starting circumcision scar treatment. My main point here is that when producing scar tissue, some men (including myself) tend to “supercompensate” during the healing process, which reduced risk of further injury, but also leaves behind noticeable amounts of quite insensitive scar tissue. When that tissue got thinner, my sensations were greatly improved. (Even though I needlessly waited for 5 years or so to start treatment.)

    All the best! Cordially, Stefan.

    • Konstantin says:

      Hey I know this is 2 years later, after your comment but I wanted to ask you something. What is this scar treatment that you speak of? I had to undergo 2 circumcisions because the first one scarred so awfully. There was a huge lump of skin on the down side of the penis where the surgery was. Now the second operation is done and the scarring is…. better but not too good. Could you please elaborate?

      • John Duval says:

        Hey Konstantin sorry I can’t answer your question about the scarring thing, but do you think you can confirm / deny if its true that you really lose that much sexual pleasure from circumcision? How was your experience of it? And did you experience any erectile dysfunction problems?

  46. Harry Lackey says:

    The very thought of being circumcised would make me feel like my penis (most private and personal part of my body) had been made contrary to how God designed that part on about ALL male mammals across the board, mankind included. That is not such a strong feeling tugging at me since I’ve got skin stretched and covering my head part of it.
    Being obvious that animals don’t get circumcised use to make me feel that, as far as in a sexual way, they are special compared to those who are circumcised.
    It was only a few weeks ago I was viewing a website that showed the process of semen collection, and artificial insemination of Madagascan Fossas. One image showed a male fossa’s penis held out of sheath with a collection vial in front of it. There had been a time such an image would cause me to envy that fossa, seeing how his penis had to be held out of a sheath in order for the head to be seen. Otherwise, unless you already knew what the head of a fossa’s penis looked like (like the flare end of a trumpet), you weren’t about to get to see what it looks like as long as a sheath was covering it. It’s kind of like his own little secret guarded with the sheath. That is a function a circumcised human penis doesn’t have. Public shower situations, hospital stays, ect means the head WILL always show, like it or not, no choice, you’ve been stripped of the right to have your penis hide it’s own head.
    Of course, I also noticed how that fossa’s penis had that erotic dark pink color to it. Something no circumcised man can boast about (not that I necessarily would). No more so a sexy color than if you had a common finger hanging off of your crotch.
    Then there was that moist, shiny, thin skin look. I never could imagine what it was like to have a penis with a head like that until mine became that way from having the stretched foreskin over it. I can at least say that now days, I pretty well feel like I know what Mr. Fossa’s penis feels like to him. I can almost feel my own penis seeing the image of that fossa’s penis. Or any other for that matter. Except for the shape, they both seem so much alike to me. I know mine definitely feels different from the external dry thick tab it was years ago. It even feels different to my hands that touch it. Kind of the way a baby bottle nipple with a light coat of mineral oil on it feels. It use to feel like I was rubbing the skin of my thumb. Those were the days when I use to envy male animals for what they have.

    • HBCaliDude says:

      Humans are different from other animals in the fact that the human foreskin DOES cause numerous problems. HIV/AIDS, STDs, UTIs, and penile cancer are just a few. It can also trap smegma which can spread to a woman during intercourse and cause her to develop cervical cancer. In other animals, their foreskins DON’T cause problems, so it is unnecessary to circumcise them.

      Saying that circumcision is unnecessary for humans because it is unnecessary for animals is like saying that wearing clothing is unnecessary for humans because it is unnecessary for animals.

      • Jerry Norton says:

        I’m sorry you believe all those old myths. Thoughtful people update their information periodically.

        “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

      • Harry Lackey says:

        It can cause problems if you don’t clean it, or go out there and “live like an animal” by screwing everything in sight. You do take a bath………Don’t you?

        • HBCaliDude says:

          Uncut males can wash it up to 3x a day and still have a strange smell.

          • Harry Lackey says:

            I grew up around other kids who were not circumcised, and there were cousins of mine who were not circumcised. I don’t recall them having to wash 3x a day, and they never stunk. So don’t even go there.

            • HBCaliDude says:

              Circumcision Alters Penis Bacteria


              Fact or Fiction: Does circumcision help prevent HIV infection?


              Clean-Cut: Study Finds Circumcision Helps Prevent HIV and Other Infections


              • Harry Lackey says:

                #1. Cleaning does even better. It wipes out penis bacteria, and without altering the penis. You clean your ass don’t you? You clean behind your ears don’t you? You shampoo your hair don’t you? You wash your feet don’t you? Is there some rule that says that you are not suppose to wash your penis? #2. Circumcision does not prevent HIV infection. Sex partners being loyal to each other prevents HIV infection. Circumcised men get HIV like anyone else. If you are relying on circumcision to protect you from HIV, you are playing Russian Roulette with AIDS. #3. Do zionists envy others who were not cut or who were restored? I’ll have to answer “yes”. They seem to want to destroy what their religion says they can’t have (sick). That is one of the classic hallmarks of envy. Most of them are arrogant, sick, twisted liars. #4. You seem to play on the notion “Lament over the loss of a body part”. Damn right a normal person is going to lament over the loss of any body part, no matter what it is. The umbilical cord is the only thing meant to be lost as a baby…I thought I needed to mention that one before you go around comparing foreskins to umbilical cords. And knowing you, you would. Chopping off body parts is something Jeffery Dolmer did. I’m sure you remember who Jeffery Dolmer was. And it is NOT the parents right to decide. God gave that baby every part he has. The parents did not give those parts to him, so it is not the parent’s parts to take. Just like when you rent an apartment. The walls are not yours to knock holes in, paint the color you want, bring dogs in to soil the carpet, or alter in any way. That apartment belongs to that landlord, not you. Of course, there are some who have the notion, “I live here. I can’t do what I want to it”. Like some parents have the notion, “He’s my son. I can do what I want to him”. When I was growing up, everyone was taught that even though your baby is your son or daughter, your baby is not your property.
                Some people who become suicidal for what ever reason try to justify their decision with the notion, “It’s my life, I’m not harming anyone else”. That is also wrong, whether you know it or not. God gave you that life, It is not yours to take.

  47. Harry Lackey says:

    “Parents rights on their son’s body” Does that parent have a right to tattoo or body pierce their baby? Or have facial surgery performed to give their baby cuter looks?

    • HBCaliDude says:

      Tattooing the body introduces cancerous chemicals to the skin. Facial surgery does nothing to benefit the baby’s health. Circumcision protects the child from HIV/AIDS, STDs, UTIs, and penile cancer. Circumcision like vaccination is done to protect the child from diseases, and that’s why parents have the rights to do so on their son’s body. The analogies you use are severely flawed.

  48. Harry Lackey says:

    I’ve just thought of something that likens to circumcising a new born infant. I realize that the comparison to a birthday cake and genital integrity is far fetched, but it does get the point across. Imagine a very elaborate cake being set aside for a very special occasion, such as a welcome home party for a family member returning from war, or a graduation party, or a wedding event, or a birthday party for a handicap child. Then imagine some scoundrel cutting a big chunk out of that cake for himself before that cake ever gets to the party. Then plucking all the roses off the cake because they were tasty also. Then dragging his finger over the top of the cake for a finger lick of frosting. So by the time the cake got to the party, it looked like shit. Well, that’s about what it’s like.
    A total replacement with a new cake can always be demanded. Unfortunately, you just can’t ask God to give you a new genital to replace the one some pervert doctor messed up.

    • HBCaliDude says:

      That would be damaging the cake. Circumcision doesn’t damage the penis, it makes it better and safer.

      • Harry Lackey says:

        It defiantly does not make it better. For several years, I’ve had a stretched foreskin covering the head of my penis. And I like it way better the way it is now than what it was then. I bet you don’t even know what it is to be able to rub your penis head with your wet thumb and fingers and have your knees wobble in and out almost involuntarily from the sensation. Or rub it with soap in the shower and it almost brings you down to your knees because it feels so good. Or feel cold air slightly tickle it when it pokes out with an erection. Or pull your foreskin back and see that the head has a shiny look and feels smooth to the touch. Or your penis having that refreshed feeling, and wanting to get hard, when you clean the smegma off of it. Or when you are finished peeing, and you “push and draw” to make sure it’s all out, you can feel the swelling head pushing in all directions against the inside the foreskin (the head swells out and in when you do that in case you’ve never noticed). That feels kind of erotic to me…don’t ask me why, I don’t know why, it just does. And not to mention that feeling that it has it own little hiding place when you are undressed where no one there can lookie lookie see it (unless you are erect or choose to have someone else see it). Just feeling it shake around inside of a foreskin when I walk feels so different. Actually has a sexier feel I’m willing to say. No no no, I fail to see what’s so better about being circumcised. It feels like a simple, dried up, numb tab hanging there when it is circumcised. I guess only those of us who have a foreskin know what experiencing those things I mentioned are really like. And those sensations feel sooooo good. But, I guess if you never knew, you don’t miss it, huh? I never knew what I was missing until I got rid of that dry skin layer that kept my penis imprisoned and encapsulated all my life (ever seen the movie “The Boy in the Bubble?). At least I’m not going through the remainder of my life with my penis messed up that way.
        And circumcision will not protect you from aids as long as you have a “swinger” life style.
        So yes, circumcision is as bad (actually worse) as damaging that cake.

        • HBCaliDude says:

          People who restore their foreskins suffer from several psychological disorders including depression. I’ve posted this here before, but here it is in case it was lost.

          Anti – Circumcision Lobby Groups

          “Lamenting the loss of parts we discarded as children, whether it be baby teeth, appendixes or even tonsils, is not only misguided, it’s downright silly. The anti-circumcision forces claim sex for men is infinitely better for those not subject to the operation, and that millions of us are mentally scarred by the procedure, but who is to say? Did ice cream really taste better before our tonsils came out? Would life be more fulfilling without ever having a haircut? Who cares?

          …In the first detailed professional analysis of psychiatric aspects eight patients seeking prepuce restoration were studied and SEVERAL PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS were noted [A-19].

          These included NARCISSISTIC and EXHIBITIONISTIC body image, DEPRESSIONS, major defects in early mothering, and ego pathology. These men had a preoccupation with their absent foreskin and represented a subgroup within the homosexual community [A-19]. Subsequently some “skin-stretchers” can now be found amongst heterosexuals, representing 10% of the 1,200 members of one ‘uncirc.’ organization (cf. 80% homosexual and 10% bisexual), with 65% uncircumcised, 30% circumcised, and 5% partially circumcised.

          A-19. Mohl PC, Adams R, Grier DM, Sheley KA. Prepuce restoration seekers: Psychiatric aspects. Arch Sexual Behav 1981; 10: 383-93.

          A-20. Schultheiss D, Truss MC, Stief CG, Jonas U. Uncircumcision: a historical review of preputial restoration. Plast Reconst Surg 1998; 101: 1990-8….”

          • Harry Lackey says:

            I’ve restored my foreskin and I don’t suffer depression.
            I tell you what…Go to one of those countries like Madagascar or one of those Pacific islands and pull that crap of circumcising a baby. I hear it’s handled the same way they would treat chomos (child rapers). You wouldn’t live to tell about what you’ve done.
            A vigilante mob in Madagascar dealt with two European chomos out on a beach just two days ago. And it wasn’t pretty. Seems they respect a child’s rights there.

            • HBCaliDude says:

              You DO suffer from depression. Any sane person reading your posts here will know it immediately. You just haven’t been diagnosed with it since you never got your condition assessed by a psychiatrist. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to know that you have depression because you do, and that affects the way you perceive things. Mental illness is no joke.

              • Harry Lackey says:

                YOU are the one with mental illness. And you are a joke. Anyone who is so hung up on wanting to sexually mutilate little babies can’t be right in the mind. Or maybe it’s that you’re shown to be wrong, or out of ammunition in a battle of wits, or because I mentioned how people of some countries deal with perverts, you were made to feel like the people of exotic tropical countries don’t like people like you, so you feel like you have to pull “You have mental depression” out of your butt as an only pathetic resort.
                And if I’m happier with a foreskin over my penis, I’m going to have it the way I’m happy with it. After all, it is I who lives in the flesh I have. And if you believe even half of those lies spewed out by those zionists pro-circs, who’s sites you are looking up, you are more gullible than I’ve even gave you credit for. They feel sorry for themselves because they have less of a penis than the rest of us do (“the rest of us” does not include you of course). So they feel (like you do) they have to make everyone else no better off sexually than they are to make themselves feel better. As if to say, “If my sexual anatomy wasn’t left natural, I’ll be damn if yours will be left natural”. I’m sure they are among some of the people Hell is full of.

                I was talking to someone from the Philippians a month ago, and when he was telling me how things are where he is from, he said children go around naked there until they are about 7 or 8 years old and no one really gives it much thought or considers it a big deal. I would imagine that’s also the case in most of those kind of countries, like Madagascar (where the fossas are), Manilla, Borneo, etc.
                I made the comment to him, “I bet a Jewish boy would look out of place there”.
                After thinking on it for a second, he then busted out laughing, saying, “Oh yea. I get it now. Yea, he WOULD look odd to everyone else”…Just thought I’d throw that one in there.

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